Dim3 build (OpenGL 32-bit) - fully playable demo

- Player input / animation / camera system including fading player model when too close COMPLETE;

- Fully rigged and animated player model COMPLETE;

- Player action / interaction / combat system COMPLETE;

- Custom enemy vision routine (light-sensitive / distance / angle  raycast-based sight) with flashlights COMPLETE;

- Enemy sound-sensitivity and varying alertness-level-based behaviour COMPLETE;

- Mobile enemy AI with collision avoidance and randomised search paths COMPLETE;

- Enemy combat system with hand-to-hand, gunfire, friendly-fire avoidance, and seeking / providing backup COMPLETE;

- Automated doors and doors that can be smashed down COMPLETE;

- Interactive / playable environment with mixed-mode lighting / light maps / normal maps / specular maps / glow maps COMPLETE;

- Introductory cutscene COMPLETE;

- Sound track / sound effects COMPLETE;

- Player blood-patches that player and enemies can slip over on COMPLETE;

- Reusable rocks with aim rings as weapon / distraction COMPLETE;

- Discrete auto-saving with no visual queues or lag COMPLETE;

- Lag-free respawning and enemy state restoring COMPLETE;

- Enemy banter INCOMPLETE;

- Conclusion cutscene COMPLETE;

- Complete menu including controls / instructions COMPLETE;


Modernised version of Dim3 build:

- libPNG update COMPLETE;

- libMPG123 update COMPLETE;

- libSDL update INCOMPLETE;

- OpenGL calls converted to Metal calls INCOMPLETE;


Unity build (Metal 64-bit) - physics playground / early development phase

- Player input / animation / camera system COMPLETE;

- Biped player model redesigned and rerigged for Unity COMPLETE;

- Custom enemy vision routine (light-sensitive / distance / angle / linedraw-based sight) COMPLETE;

- Free-roaming enemy AI system capable of avoiding obstacles / other bots on the fly without nodes COMPLETE;

- Combat / Weapon / Health system IN PROGRESS;

gallery/screenshot 2018-12-02 at 21.41.23
gallery/screenshot 2018-11-27 at 21.55.31