Under active development.  Last update 15th December 2017.


There are 4 maps - one is a physics playground, 2 are detailed maps for testing gameplay mechanics, scenarios, and textures, and one is an incomplete sewer system that will feature in the final game.


The Enemy AI is in its advanced stages of completion.  It includes light sensitivity, the ability to alert other enemies, an 'emotional response' to finding a fallen comrade, randomised search and patrol paths, varying levels of alertness, line-of-sight functions that prevent friendly fire, and fight-or-flight decisions based on health levels. Their sensitivity to noises increase depending on their level of alertness, and they can organise themselves in multi bot combat scenarios in tight corridors - they will take it in turns to let one another through while maintaining at least one bot engaged with the player at all times.


Player capabilities include yelling to draw attention / lure enemies into traps, picking up / aiming / throwing rocks, yelling noises into vents for diversions, bashing in doors and other objects, vaulting over benches / ledges.


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