One Of Them is a 3rd-person zombie RPG built using the dim3 open-source game engine.  It is scripted using JavaScript, and includes:

  1. -Realtime light sensitive interactions:  a lightning flash can temporarily reveal your location to enemies who otherwise wouldn’t see you in the dark.  Enemies also use flashlights to help find you, and their light sensitivity adjusts based on their level of alertness.

  2. -Sound location-based interactions:  throwing stones, making noises through vents, footsteps can all be used by the player to distract or otherwise influence the behaviour of the enemy AI.

  3. -Contextual actions:  a single action button triggers various interactions depending on the player’s location or situation.  Holding to aim stones, releasing to throw, pressing to pick up a stone, pressing to yell into a vent, pressing to vault over a bench or ledge...simplified controls allow the game to be easily adapted to touch-screen hardware, which is the ultimate goal.

  4. -Collaborative enemy AI:  enemies alert one another, call for help, tell each other where they last saw the player, calculate the risk of friendly fire before shooting, react emotionally when coming across a fallen team member.

  5. -Pattern-free enemy behaviour:  Enemies randomly choose patrol and search paths meaning the player can never anticipate what they will do or where they will go. This means no two plays are the same, and players cannot beat the game by learning patterns.

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